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27 January 2010
I am currently seeking new opportunities

I am currently seeking new ColdFusion development opportunities,eitherfull time or telecommuting in the Raleigh/Durham/RTP area or in the Washington DC Metro area.

I have over ten years of experience from v. 3.1 through 9.0.

 Summary of expertise:


  • Components
  • Functions
  • Basic OO development
  • Fusebox, FuseQ
  • cfscript


  • MSSQLServer versions 7 through 2005, including stored procedures and some administration
  • Sybase, queries
  • Oracle, querie
  •  MySQL, queries, stored procedures, importation from other formats


  • Javascript,
  • JQuery,
  • JQuery UI Libraries,
  • ASP 2.0

 I am willing to relocate to the DC Metro Area for the right opportunity.  My resume is here

Salary requirements and other details available upon request

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