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18 January 2011

Quick and Dirty: Dreamweaver Updates in XP Pro

Adobe Updater reports something is still open
Have you tried to run the Dreamweaver CS5 11.03 updater and gotten a cryptic error saying that an instance of an Adobe product is open? Don't have any other Adobe products open?


I've run into this a couple of times on WinXP pro until I found this solution: Provided that you have admin rights on your machine, go into Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Services.


Make sure that the "Workstation" service is turned on, if it isn't start it. Once it starts, run the updater again and the problem should go away
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13 January 2011

Fig Leaf Software Presents: Intro to Sencha Touch: BYOL

a free introduction to Sencha Touch, Jan 31st in Washington DC
From the course description:


"Why fool around with Objective C and Java when you can build applications for iOS and Android using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS? During this three hour bring-your-own-laptop session you will learn how to create x-device compatible applications using Sencha Touch, the first HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework that allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone and Android touchscreen devices.


Fig Leaf Software is an authorized Sencha training partner and developed their official Fast Track to Sencha Touch instructor-led course"
Intro to Sencha Touch"
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