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04 April 2010

A quick note to potential spammers

I won't make it easy

A note to potential spammers, you've probably noticed that your comment spam isn't showing up on this blog.

ALL comments require my approval before they're posted, obviously I'm not going to approve your viagra or porn postings..or your World of Warcraft hacks/sites/add ons. So do me a favor, just don't bother.

On another note, if you've subsribed to this blog and your email address and/or website look suspect I will delete your subscription.

This is a technical blog, read by an audience that's a little more computer savvy than what you're probably used to from your *ahem* "customer base", so the chances of you making a sale from spam are slim and none.

Lastly I do monitor IP addresses, so I can find you, and if you did make a sale from spamming my site, you owe me money, oh say 95% as a fee for using my site for your sale.. i will make every attempt to collect..

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