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30 July 2010

My first "official" JQuery Plugin

I have written my first JQuery plugin, it basically ties up the code that I've blogged about before into a plugin wrapper. You can download it here: feel free to use it under the GNU Lesser General Public License.


I've also created a ColdFusion custom tag with this code and it's here CF_AjaxPost at RIAForge
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28 July 2010

New Web Host

goodbye Daily Razor
I've switched hosting providers.. I was done with Daily Razor, for two reasons:
  1. The mysterious price increase from $10.00 to $32.95/month without so much as an email
  2. Their Draconian sandboxing, while not as restrictive as GoDaddy, I was still prevented from getting basic things in the blog to work as expected.
So I packed up my virtual bags and moved to Alurium. The price can't be beat ($6.75 a month) and I can pretty much do what I want because the sandboxing is set up correctly.

and.. It runs on Railo
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