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27 July 2011

Technorati Verification

Technorati wants to verify my blog so here's the verification code: E3FWQWS6J75C
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25 July 2011

Restoring .Net Connectivity in CF 9.01

...DotNet Side does not seem to be running

It's been a while since I've posted anything.. I'm in the process of rebuilding this blog backend and patching some security holes. But I ran into something important that needs to be shared.

I ran into an issue with the ColdFusion 9.01 Upgrade and .Net connectivity..

The Issue:

To be brief, when you upgrade, it breaks .Net connectivity.

What I did:

I installed the 9.01 Upgrade, all seemed well, all of the proper services were running, until I made a call to a .Net assembly..

"Ensure that the DotNet agent is running and you have provided the correct  host and port information
DotNet Side does not seem to be running. ".

Obviously this is not good..

The solution:

there are two parts to the solution

When you upgrade to 9.01 it doesn't upgrade the .Net Connector, it's a separate download (note: make sure you choose the 9.01 Installer) but this is only part of the solution. In some cases, namely mine, The install doesn't sync the port numbers correctly in “C:\ColdFusion9\jnbridge\JNBDotNetSide.exe.config and neo-dotnet.xml. The port assignments in these files must be identical as shown in this article: How to resolve error “DotNet Side does not seem to be running” with Coldfusion 901 on Windows . Once youve cleaned these files up.. restart the box.

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